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The YES system of care uses screening tools to help identify youth who have unmet mental health needs. Healthcare professionals can screen youth for mental health concerns by using a variety of mental health screeners available.

The following tools are available to help mental health providers screen youth in Idaho.

CMH Screener FAQs

The Idaho Children’s Mental Health Screener is an online tool that can be used to help identify youth with unmet mental health needs. 

This screener was developed from the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) tool. CANS certification is not required to use the screener and the Idaho Children’s Mental Health Screener cannot be used in place of a complete CANS assessment. It is one of many tools a provider can use to identify unmet needs.

The screener was specifically designed for practitioners in a non-mental health setting. Family doctors, probation officers, human services, education providers, and others may use the screener if there is an indication that the youth may need help with their mental health.

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