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Child and Family Teams (CFT)

Image of a Child and Family Team with the Youth in front of the supports.

An important part of the YES system of care is the Child and Family Team (CFT), which sets goals, create plans, coordinate treatment, and evaluate progress.

A CFT is a group of individuals the youth and family select to help and support them while the youth receives treatment. At a minimum, the team includes the youth, family, and their primary mental health providers, but may also include friends, neighbors, coaches, instructors, religious leaders, and other community members.

This team works together to:

  • Recognize and encourage the youth and family’s strengths.
  • Identify the youth and family’s needs.
  • Learn what the youth and family want to accomplish.
  • Set realistic short and long-term goals.
  • Find solutions that build on the family’s strengths and lead to necessary changes.

Child and Family Teams are formed during the care planning process and continue while the youth is in treatment. The youth and family decide the size and involvement of team members, and, as those needs change, members may be added or removed from the team.

Child and Family Teams may operate differently based on the needs of the youth. Some teams are facilitated by the primary mental health provider, while teams that involve multiple systems or programs are facilitated by a care coordinator. The frequency of team meetings and intensity of work depends on the needs of the youth and family. In cases where more support is needed, the care coordinator may recommend participating in Wraparound Intensive Services (WInS).

All members of the Child and Family Team are responsible for attending and participating in meetings, collaborating with other team members, and listening to and respecting the opinions of others.

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