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Understanding YES

Youth Empowerment Services (YES) is a system of care for youth under the age of 18 with serious emotional disturbance (SED). YES involves many organizations and child-serving agencies to improve access to the resources families need to improve their child’s mental health.

Use the information in this section to understand how the YES system of care works and how to access services. 

Guide to YES: A Practice Manual

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Read all about the YES system of care in the Guide to YES: A Practice Manual. 

Services and Supports

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Learn about services and supports available in the YES system of care. 

Child and Family Teams (CFT)

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Learn how Child and Family Teams work in the YES system of care. 

Coordinated Care Plans

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Learn about the coordinated care planning process. 

Wraparound Intensive Services

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Learn about Wraparound Intensive Services for youth with intensive needs. 

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