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Wraparound Intensive Services

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Wraparound Intensive Services are a part of the YES system of care. Wraparound is a care coordination process intended to help youth who may be at risk for needing more intense and restrictive services, including out of home placements. It is also intended to help youth who are transitioning home from more intense and restrictive services.

Wraparound is not a crisis intervention, but a facilitated planning process to help bring everyone involved in a youth’s life together to create a coordinated care plan. The Wraparound process takes an average of 14 months, but may be longer or shorter based on the family’s needs.

Wraparound Intensive Service coordinators help families bring together all of the treatment plans that are involved in the child and family’s life. This may include plans from multiple mental health and medical providers, and frequently includes plans from child-serving agencies such as the child’s school, the Developmental Disabilities Program, Children’s Mental Health, Family and Community Services, Juvenile Court, County Probation, and the Department of Juvenile Corrections. Participation in Wraparound Intensive Services is always voluntary unless ordered by a court.

If you are interested in using Wraparound Intensive Services, you may contact your local Children’s Mental Health Office and ask for the Children’s Mental Health Chief in your region. They will assign a Wraparound coordinator to connect with your family to find out if the Wraparound process may be helpful.

All youth who participate in Wraparound Intensive Services use the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) tool to help them identify needs they should address and strengths they can build on.

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